MY journey in computer
    Actually,I am from the small village named to Arghakhanchi.In 2067 B.s i enter to the city called Butwal.I joined my school in Tinau english boarding school.After a year I change my school and i came to New horizon Eng boarding school.  Today  alspo i am in new horizon and i am in grade 11. How was the day before 11 years i remember and how it is today.Really i missed my day.			I started to read computer from grade 4. Before we were sock what it's work? how they shows the result ? This type of question came in our mine slowly we knew it.we start to utilize as well before.from class 7 only i thoutht to be a IT student in future .Then i start to give some time to computer . <b>During this long Time i learn so many thing in my life also such as:				<Do not lose your Hope

				Run toward your dream

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